SIM Student Presentation from TCDSB

Available for download: SIM_Spring_2013


In Thunder Bay, we learned through the work of Rainy River where the use of e-platforms has had the effect of raising the bar, deepening student with student conversations and deepending professional learning. Visit to get an overview. Of note, the VoiceThreads can not be viewed from the padlet.

In the London East Region

HWDSB April 30th Intelligent Responsive Systems

HWDSB May 1st PLTs

Grand Erie shares during a SIM breakout…  a Growth Mindset / Fixed Mindset YouTube video and Growth Mindsets in connection to the work within SWS-T.

In the Toronto Region

Leadership Breakout – Toronto SIM

In the London West Region…

St. Clair CDSB – Student Voice and Engagement SCCDSB

Lambton Kent DSB sharing …..

In the Ottawa Region, Eastern Ontario Staff Development Network sharing:


Day 1 Clips

Welcome to Spring SIM – downloadable video

Mind-Sets – in response to interest to think further about changing mindsets, two clips as well as a set of excerpts about mindsets will be shared at the SPRING SIM regionals.

  • One Teacher’s Changed Mindset – from October 2012’s The Agenda, TVO, downloadable. Full program available on TVO’s special site for their Learning 2030 site
  • The Power of Belief – Mindsets and Success, a TEDx presented by Eduardo Briceno. Full version available on TEDx. Shortened version with two minute think time – download here.
  • From March 2013’s The Agenda, a student trustee shares his thinking about where education is with respect to technology. Download here.
  • Students as Researchers video from group in Timmins, download here (print resource available)

REGIONAL VIDEOS CREATED BY DISTRICT TEAMS in response to the prompt: How do student voice and mind-sets support and inform your work in system implementation and monitoring? These were shared on Day 2.

Barrie Region’s Districts’ Video – view and download here

London West Region’s Districts’ Video – download here

Thunder Bay Region’s Districts’ Video – download here

Ottawa Region’s Districts’ Video – download here

Toronto Region’s Districts’ Video – download here

Sudbury Region’s Districts’ Video – download here

London East Region’s Districts’ Video – download here

Upload Instructions  for district 45-second clips.


Additional resources:

From the Leaders In Action webcast,



Quotes Related to Mindsets

A Spectrum of Student Voice

Teaching Smart People How To Learn – Chris Argyris

Blog sharing thinking about Single-Loop, Double-Loop Learning

Some additional links to thinking around student voice and engagement: from the Innocenti Essays –> Hart’s Ladder, from the Students at the Centre project –>Motivation, Engagement and Student VoiceEmpowering Students as Active Participants in Curriculum Design and Implementation

Students as Researchers 2012 – a CI Action Research Toolkit

Student Voice – the Ministry of Ontario

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