Here are all the available resources from the August 2013 Summer Institute- enjoy!

August 2013 Summer Institute:  Day One and Day Two Sessions
Format Title View/Download
Powerpoint August Summer Institute Click here
Powerpoint Leadership QuotesMusic Click here/Click here
Powerpoint Motivational Words Click here
Video Goleman: Social Intelligence  and Leadership Click here
Video Student Voice Click here
Word School Effectiveness Frame Work
Component One: Assessment Click here
Component Two: School and Classroom Leadership Click here
Component Three: Student Engagement Click here
Component Four: Curriculum and Teaching Click here
Component Five: Pathways  Click here
Component Six: Home, School, Community Partnerships  Click here
District Effective Framework
Nine Characteristics of Strong School Districts Click here
August 2013 Summer Institute: Articles
Format Title View/Download
PDF Resiliency and Sustainability:Eight Elements for Superintendents That Want To Make A Difference                           
Click here
PDF  Know Thy Impact: Teaching, Learning and Leading                             
Click here
Word Rethinking Scale: Moving Beyond Numbers to Deep Lasting Change
Click here
Word   Quotes From Tough Book:How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and Hidden Power Of Character
Click here
Word Two Especially Useful Personal Leadership  Resources
Click here
August 2013 Summer Institute: Recording Templates
Format Title View/Download
Word Doc Recording Template Day One Click here
Word Doc Recording Template Day Two Click here


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